Welcome to The best place to star if you are looking for information about animals. We list the best Biological databases in the world so that you can find reliable information on any animal. Most of these databases are scientific in nature but are useful for everyone.

Popular Animals

Giant Octopus
Giant Pacific octopus
Giant pangolingiant pangolin
Pygmy hippopotamusPygmy hippopotamus
Tasmanian DevilTasmanian devil
Acmella nanaAcmella nana
Flying foxGiant golden-crowned flying fox
Inland taipan Inland taipan

Top Databases

FishBase is a global species database of fish species. It is the largest and most extensively accessed online database on adult finfish on the web. It contains information about species,  how large they grow and where they can be found but the information is not very well organized and is not suitable for someone looking for a basic guide to a species.  The information found here is a treasure trove to anyone who wants to do in-depth research and are willing to analyze the data themselves.

A large database where you can read about most plants and animals.  The database feature information on the conservation status of the species. If it is endangered or not.  It is a very good source of basic information about almost any species.

A database that contains information about almost all species. The information is aggregated from a number of different sources.

A very good database if you are looking for pictures of animals and plants.


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